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     Tags Application                      
    We Will Provide Our Clients With The Service Of Hang Tag Authorization   Tags

    After the application of TENBRO hang tag, you can enjoy the following value-added services.
    1. TENBRO is the registered trademark of Shanghai Tenbro Bamboo Textile Co., Ltd, holder of intellectual property of bamboo fiber material and products. Using TENBRO hang tag indicates that you choose an authentic product with protection of intellectual property.
    2. With more and more clients using TENBRO hang tag, its reputation in the market increases in succession. The usage of TENBRO hang tag will help you t market the products.
    3. Clients that have applied for TENBRO hang tag will enter our TENBRO file. And we will promote your bamboo fiber commodity to more clients under your permission

    For any customer who buy TENBRO bamboo fiber and apply for TENBRO hangtag, we provide the following TENBRO bamboo fiber anthentication material.
    Tenbro Authentication Material
    1. Bamboo Content Test Report (Sample)
    2. Bamboo Textile Anti-bacterial Test Report (Sample)
    3. “Real Bamboo” Declaration Letter from TENBRO(Sample)
    4. TENBRO Hangtag
    5. Bamboo Fiber Patent Certificate
    6.OEKO-TEX 100 CLASS I Certificate

    Tags Application

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