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    Bamboo fiber Non-woven Cloth is very close to viscose non-woven cloth.But i has a special antibacteria and baceria-curbing effect and thus expects a broad prospect of application in the field of sanitary materials such as sanitary napkin,protective cushions or shields,mouth masks,and food packing bags.
    We have a wide chioce of bamboo gauze,bamboo fiber surgical clothes,nurse clothes.sanitary napkis,protective cushions or shields,mouth masks,food packing bags and other serise of products.Due to the natural antibacteria property of bamboo fiber products,the products made of bamboo fiber is exempt from any artificially synthesized antibacteria chemical,which eliminates the possibility of skin allergy and has a competive edge over other similar products in terms of cost and price.
    If you have any inquiry for our products,please kindly contact info@tenbro.com

    Bamboo Sanitary Products
    Name: Bamboo gauze mask
    No.: TZBH003
    >> Information
    Name: Bamboo non-woven mask
    No.: TZBH004
    >> Information
    Name: Bamboo sanitary towel
    No.: TZBH001
    >> Information
    Name: Bamboo mesh non-woven cloth
    No.: TZBH005
    >> Information
    Name: Bamboo water-spun non-woven cloth
    No.: TZBH006
    >> Information
    Name: Bamboo non-woven dishcloth
    No.: TZBH007
    >> Information
    Name: Bamboo weaving dishcloth
    No.: TZBH008
    >> Information
    Name: Bamboo non-woven compressed towel
    No.: TZBH002
    >> Information
    Name: Bamboo puff
    No.: TZBT011
    >> Information


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